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A True Taste of Persia

Bita Arabian & Beata Nazem Kelley
March 11, 2022

Dinnerbell’s homestyle food delivery is inspired by different delicious cuisines. We’re excited to be partnering with Persian cooking goddesses and hosts of Modern Persian Food podcast, Bita Arabian and Beata Nazem Kelley, to incorporate a mouthwatering meal into our menu. Discover the joy of cooking – and eating – healthy, authentic Persian cuisine. And now, for a limited time, you can add fresh, flavorful Persian specials to your family’s next Dinnerbell dinner order.

Guest Blog by Bita Arabian & Beata Nazem Kelley

The Origins of Persian Cuisine

Persian food goes back thousands of years. It nourishes your soul with well-rounded components that are both nutritious and satisfying to the palate. Flavors such as saffron and rose petals are fit for the kings!  

Many of the spices common to Persian cuisine also have medicinal properties. Dishes are loaded with healthy ancient grains, lean proteins including meats, beans, legumes, vegetables, and herbs.

Appealing to Today’s Families

My partner Beata and I share a strong passion for carrying on flavors of healthy Persian food in a way and form that is appealing to today’s modern lifestyles and families. We are recipe developers and podcasters. Our shared vision is to spread inspiration to enjoy Persian cuisine any way you can get your hands on!  

Gone are the days of chopping and braising meats all day. We need well-rounded, delicious foods that can be on the table for hungry partners and kids as we wear many hats as moms, CEOs of the house, and business owners.

Enough about us, now back to the food!

Persian Cooking for the Soul

One of the staples in Persian cuisine is rice. Persian rice is so beautifully aromatic. Tahdig is the crispy, much sought after, bottom of the rice pot layer. Growing up everyone fought over a piece of tahdig at the table. Tahdig is like the French fries of Persian food.

Tahchin, also known as Persian rice casserole, is one of my favorite, cozy home suppers. Tahchin cups are a take on both tahdig (the popular crispy, golden bottom of the rice pot) and tahchin (a homey, yogurt and egg based rice casserole). Glistening candied barberries (known as zereshk in Farsi) garnish our crispy rice cups and add a little unexpected zing.

All About the Kababs

Kababs are traditionally reserved for restaurant dining in our culture unless you are lucky enough to have a grill master in the family. These days we are all about getting Persian food take out. Joojeh kabab is always a crowd pleaser. Made by marinating chicken in a citrus-infused saffron and yogurt sauce, it’s a char-grilled specialty meat that pairs excellently with rice. We love complimenting the flavors of joojeh kabab with mast-o-khiar, the Persian yogurt and cucumber dip. Grilled and pickled vegetables along with fresh herbs complete this meal.

Delectably Delicious Desserts

Don’t forget about dessert! Thinking about Yazdi cupcakes makes my mouth water. These are Persian-esque cupcakes at their finest with notes of rose water and cardamom and laced with a saffron buttercream frosting. Enjoy our Yazdi cupcakes with a brewing cup of rich, amber cardamom tea.

We are so honored and blessed to have our message heard, to be featured with our specially curated menu pickings, and most of all, that you are saying yes to the opportunity to taste Persian food! We hope you love it as much as we do.

- Bita & Beata, also known as “the Beats”




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