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From our Dinnerbell Family to Yours

February 4, 2022

Dinnerbell was founded by busy working parents who used their own personal experiences to fulfill the needs of other families in the local community, by offering delicious, wholesome fare and convenient, heat-and-serve meals the whole family will love! 

We thought you'd like to get to know our co-founders and learn more about what inspired them. Enjoy!

What is your experience with preparing dinner for your family? 

LARA: As a busy working mom, thinking about preparing dinner for my two active daughters has frequently resulted in a flurry of emotions including anxiety, embarrassment, and guilt. Time-starved and kitchen-impaired, I’ve aspired to create homemade, nutritious dishes for us to enjoy around the table, but regularly fall short. My dinner solutions rotate between Trader Joe’s, meal kit experiments, Munchery, and some simple home-cooked recipes, but if I’m being honest, none of them have been a huge hit. 

MARIA: I've always cared about having dinner together as a family and feeding my daughters (two 12-year old girls) and husband well. For me, that means healthy, home-cooked food including protein, veggies, grains, and fruit. But whether I’ve been a full-time working mom or a stay-at-home mom, doing it nightly hasn’t been realistic. I simply don’t have the time, talent, or inclination, and my family members have such strong and different food preferences, that it makes dinnertime challenging. 


What are you trying to solve with Dinnerbell?

LARA: When I first discussed the idea of Dinnerbell with Maria, I immediately knew that we had to make this happen. It was conceived to provide the delicious, nutritious dinners I had always aspired to offer, bundled in an easy-to-use, affordable service (no subscription required). 

MARIA: For me, Dinnerbell is important because it gives me and other parents in the community the ability to serve food to our families that is affordable, and that we can feel good about! We source the freshest, local ingredients, delivered in packaging that is functional and earth-friendly.


What else is important for people to know about Dinnerbell? 

LARA: While the beautiful and delicious food is the centerpiece of Dinnerbell, I am also proud that we’ve developed it with the local community – from our inspiring culinary partner, CateredToo (an amazing catering company in East Palo Alto), to many other individuals who continue to help us refine our menu and service. 

MARIA: It's a great joy to be a community-oriented, word-of-mouth driven business. We partner with local schools and non-profits to help them thrive and celebrate local chefs and producers who are standouts in the community. Plus, we want to help families connect over the dinner table, so we’ve added some extra fun to your dinnertime experience through our “conversation starters” – sharing jokes, trivia, and questions to kickstart dialogue around the table. 


We hope that you love Dinnerbell just as much as we do, and that we can make your dinner dilemmas disappear with a weekly delivery of heat-and-serve meals the whole family will enjoy. Cheers! 


Lara Hoyem (Co-Founder and Working Mom)

Maria Reiling (Co-Founder and Working Mom)

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