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Healthy Eating For The Whole Family

March 24, 2022

In her mission to guide families along their wellness journey, Nationally Board Certified Health Coach and inspiring Dinnerbell partner, Michelle DeWolf, offers advice to make healthy eating easy. Here, she shares ways to encourage kids to try new foods and eat their veggies, along with tips on meal planning made simple.

Banishing the “Picky Eater” Label

Michelle warns her clients against labeling their children as “picky eaters.” Creating labels impacts the way children view themselves and becomes a part of their identity. It can also limit their potential. Calling your child a “picky eater” lets them off the hook for trying new foods. So, what’s a parent to do? When it comes to getting your kids to be more open-minded eaters, Michelle offers refreshingly simple suggestions:

Setting Kids Up For Success

When you start cooking or reheating dinner, your kids may be inclined to start rummaging through the pantry because the kitchen smells so great. Make it a win by putting out something that’s delicious but also healthy, like a spread of vegetables. Michelle recommends the bright and snappy Seasonal Pickled Veggies from our Dinnerbell Menu. When introducing kids to a new veggie or fruit, it’s helpful to also offer something familiar you know that they will eat, like cucumber. Watch how they light up when discovering something tasty and new.

Cooking Classes For Kids

Before becoming a Health Coach, Michelle taught cooking classes to kids, adults, and families, with a focus on getting them to eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. It all started when she volunteered to teach her daughter’s third-grade class to cook. She discovered she especially had a knack for getting kids to love and appreciate their veggies. “I didn’t like to teach the kind of class where the kids would come in and make smiley face pizzas,” explains Michelle, who instead taught them to make dishes such as beautifully colorful salads and bacon-wrapped duck and pineapple. To their parents’ surprise and delight, the children were eager to learn, experiment, and try new things.

Healthy Cooking Made Easy 

Before long, she began teaching classes to groups of moms, and sharing her healthy-eating tips and tricks. It was a fun and amazing few years filled with discussing recipes, and cooking and serving dinners. During this time, the mothers would often ask her nutrition-related questions. Although she had studied and knew a lot of the information, she didn’t have the structure to teach them how to get it done. Michelle loves her current role as a Certified Health Coach because having a proven process to follow allows her to help parents put healthy, nutritious meals on the table and manage their time so they can do it well.

Getting Started

With all of Michelle’s incredible advice, you may be wondering where to begin. Meal planning is a great starting point. When you plan ahead, you can make smart choices that are aligned with you and your family’s health goals. Instead of mindlessly grabbing something at the last minute, you’ll have more control of your choices. For meal planning success, Michelle uses her Dinnerbell online dinner order in conjunction with her weekly grocery list:

Throughout the years, Michelle has witnessed many phenomenal stories of adults, kids, and families radically changing the way they eat. To read about her health coaching journey, and how she uses Dinnerbell’s wholesome dinner delivery to make customizable meals her whole family loves, click here

Have any healthy eating pointers you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them! Please leave a comment below.

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