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How This Health Coach Loves to Dinnerbell

March 4, 2022
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Dinnerbell is delighted to partner with Michelle DeWolf, Nationally Board Certified Health Coach and a total pro when it comes to fueling families with delicious, nutritious food. As a health coach with a specialty in nutrition, Michelle guides families on a sustainable path to their greatest health and well-being. She makes it easy to adopt healthy eating habits by offering tips and tricks to get the whole family on board.

Michelle sees Dinnerbell homestyle food delivery as a great solution for busy parents who struggle to find time for meal planning and cooking. “As someone who has worked with children and families in the community for a decade around cooking, nutrition, and meal planning, Dinnerbell meets families where they are,” explains the mother of three kids, ages 16, 18, and 21. “As a parent of a vegan, flexitarian and carnivore, I can feed my family with Dinnerbell, they are satisfied and I feel great.” 

Michelle’s Health Coaching Journey

Michelle’s road to coaching began while exploring a Masters in Nutrition, when her third child was just an infant. The program addressed the needs of a very sick population on a low-sodium diet, in a hospital setting. While she recognized the value and importance of this type of work, Michelle realized she wanted to meet people where they are, before they get sick, by introducing healthy habits that positively impact their long-term health. She volunteered to teach cooking classes to her daughter’s third-grade class. The classes were wildly popular, and soon parents began to notice the positive changes in their kids’ eating habits. Next, Michelle was asked to teach parents how to plan, cook, and eat healthy meals, and the rest is history.

A Different Approach to Nutrition

Being one of only about 5,000 Board Certified Health Coaches in the world, Michelle’s scope of practice falls in between the roles of the doctor or registered dietitian and the patient. Most people know what they should be doing in terms of good nutrition. Michelle teaches them how to get it done, while developing a healthy relationship with food. She says to consider how the food you eat nourishes you in your body – and off your plate. While it’s great to fill up on vegetables, if you miss out on indulging in a piece of cake at your child’s birthday party, that doesn’t promote a healthy balance or sustainable habits. This mindset also helps to alleviate the stress of family meal planning by making it a more joyful, satisfying experience.

How Michelle Dinnerbells

Michelle teaches habits that make your entire meal healthier. Instead of putting the protein on your plate first, she challenges people to start with the vegetable, which should cover 50% of the plate. The next 25% should be a whole grain your family enjoys, followed by 20% protein, and then a sliver of healthy fats. She loves how each Dinnerbell online dinner order places those different pieces in separate containers. This allows her to customize a healthy meal for each family member with minimal effort, instead of having to short-order cook a different meal for everyone. The Dinnerbell Menu also allows her to be flexible by putting out these different food choices so that her family can create their own balanced meals.

We look forward to continuing to partner with Michelle and her Health Coach practice, and sharing her tips and tricks for success!

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