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Meet the Culinary Team Behind Dinnerbell

February 11, 2022

We’ve established an amazing team of culinary superstars to offer a beautiful menu and delicious food that the whole family will love! With fare that is rooted in familiar, homestyle classics, but with a chef’s touch, we guarantee that it will excite the entire family, even the kiddos.

Our incredible culinary team is led by CateredToo, our local catering partner that is preparing, cooking, and delivering all orders, and supported by Chef Mike Shethar, our stellar menu consultant who is helping to craft and refine our family-friendly dishes.

About our Team

CateredToo has been serving the local Bay Area community incredible food since 1992. They have extensive experience ranging from cafe management, to corporate services, to large and small scale events and weddings. CToo’s notable client list includes San Francisco City Hall and Stanford among others. 

Located in East Palo Alto, the CToo team prioritizes the community around them. During the height of the pandemic, they partnered with Meals on Wheels to deliver nutritious food to the elderly to help keep them safe and healthy. They regularly work with the Ronald McDonald House as well. Additionally, CToo is Green Business Certified because of the earthy friendliness of their production and operational activities. 

CToo is comprised of an inspiring team of hard-working individuals. Led by Chef Eric Barnachea, he guides his team with 35 years professional culinary experience and an immense passion for cooking. His love for food and local produce stems from his childhood and family history. Eric was also selected as 1 of only 16 participants to attend the Culinary Institute of America for the prestigious Culinary Enrichment & Innovation Program – an opportunity for recognized chefs to further their leadership and innovation skills through state-of-the-art training. As a father of 5, he also knows how hard it can be to feed your family after a long day’s work, so he’s excited to be helping families alleviate the hassle of dinnertime through Dinnerbell

Supporting the CToo team as our menu consultant is Chef Mike Shethar, a graduate of the reputable Culinary Institute of America at Greystone Napa. Having worked as a Chef Instructor for Cook for America in the K-12 school system, he understands how to prepare healthy and happy food that kids love too! He taps into his childhood memories of cooking with his mom in the kitchen and preparing home-grown food to help us design a menu that is centered around elevated, family favorites.

We are so excited to have Chef Eric, the entire CToo team, and Chef Mike as part of our Dinnerbell family!

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