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Pizza With a Side of Conversation

February 16, 2022

What’s more fun than just eating pizza? Talking about pizza while you eat … pizza! We get it – sometimes finding the energy to keep your family engaged during meals can be a challenge. Between work, school, after-school activities, and homework, it can be tempting to sit across the table from each other, mindlessly eating while glued to our cell phones. But dinnertime can be the perfect opportunity to connect and catch up as family. 

At Dinnerbell, delivering homemade tastes to your dinner table is our specialty. To help make mealtime even more special, we’ve rounded up these conversation starters, featuring some of our favorite family-friendly jokes, trivia, and open-ended questions. Inspired by our partnership with Pausa Bar & Cookery to bring you wholesome made-from-scratch pizzas, here are 10 pizza-themed topics to share with your family. 


  • What do you call a fake pizza? (A Pepperphony pizza) 
  • How do you fix a broken pizza? (With tomato paste) 


  • How many pizzas are consumed in a year in the US? (3 billion) 
  • Where was the biggest pizza ever made? (Rome, Italy at 13,580 ft². It holds the Guinness World Record) 
  • What is the record for the highest pizza toss? (21 ft 5 inches) 
  • What are the toppings on a traditional Margherita pizza? (Tomatoes, Mozzarella, and Basil)
  • Where was Calabrese pizza created? (Calabria, the southern region of Italy) 
  • Where was the Hawaiian pizza invented? (Canada) 


  • If I bet you $500 to only eat Pizza for a week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) would you take the bet?
  • What pizza topping combination would you invent?


Along with your Dinnerbell homestyle meal delivery, we hope these conversation starters will help make mealtime more memorable. To keep spreading the dinnertime joy, visit our blog each week for a new set of topics. What are some of your family’s favorite dinner conversation starters? Leave a comment below!

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